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We believe that network radio and ZMR over Zello are just another mode of two-way radio.  Not to replace Ham Radio, but rather to compliment Ham Radio.

Just as DMR relies on internet connectivity for linking, so does ZMR and Network Radio.  (as does Fusion, DStar, Echolink, All Star, IRLP and others)


In the beginning:
ZMR started as a single Zello channel in September of 2018. Originally it was just a channel for myself and a few close friends.
There were a few hams and a few non licensed radio hobby enthusiasts.


The ZMR Group now consists of five (5) Zello channels, DMR Talk Group 405 on the TGIF Network, an experimental Plumble server, an experimental TeamSpeak server, 
a Facebook Group and this website.   We work to promote the Amateur Radio hobby and the network radio / IP radio aspects
and digital modes of the Amateur radio hobby.   (Echolink / DVSwitch Server / DVLink / Peanut, DMR etc.)
We work with several groups and organizations such as: 

International Radio Network (The IRN) 

The DigiComm Cafe

Network Radios 

The Amateur Radio Hub 

The Amateur Radio Group  and others.  We are all working towards promoting the great hobby of Ham Radio.


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