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 Zello Mode Radio

Below is the current list of recommended Zello groups and channels.  The channel owner's call sign is listed.  When adding these channels to Zello you can confirm it is the legitimate channel by checking the channel owner in the Zello channel info screen.

     KD5DLJ  Denny

IRN  International Radio Network
     KB1UPZ  Bob
       Ham Radio Hub
       International Radio Network
       KB1 Channel   

Network Radios
     Karl G1YPQ
      Network Radios Ch 00
      Network Radios Ch 01
      Network Radios Ch 02
      Network Radios Ch 03
      Network Radios Ch 04
      Network Radios Ch 05
      Network Radios Ch 06

ZMR   Zello Mode Radio
     Ray N9KGC
      ZMR-851.6125   (Calling channel)


     Clay W1PI

Ham Radio Works
     Richard  W4JXA